Field Services


Relay Tech/Staff Augmentation

Relay technician staff augmentation performing maintenance, construction, troubleshooting and emergency operations.

Florida City Redundancy Project

Installed new conduit, control cables and panels for redundancy protection to a 230/138 kV autotransformer. PGE provided total construction management and a team of test engineers. This very complex project was completed with only 3 weeks of preparation.

Smart Grid Battery Monitoring

In supporting a Smart Grid initiative, PGE installed battery monitoring systems in over 185 substations, requiring only 8 weeks.

Autotransformer Protection Upgrade

Upgraded two 230/138 kV Autotransformers.

Generator Protection Upgrade

Replaced primary generator protection of three combustion turbine generators with SEL-300Gs.

Substation Troubleshooting

Performed troubleshooting of an improperly operating sudden pressure relay, including problem duplication and Root-Cause-Analyses studies utilizing relay manufacturer partnership.

End-To-End Line Testing

Performed end-to-end line protection testing on three 230 kV transmission lines using Doble F6150 with Satellite Synchronization. Also utilized an ASPEN file to create specific line fault simulations, and performed testing in POTT and DCB line protection schemes.

FERC Redundancy Project

As the primary contractor, PGE constructed, tested and commissioned a FERC mandated redundancy project of four 138 kV lines, three 230/138 kV Autotransformers, two 138 kV and two 230 kV Busses. Project also replaced 18 Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers, installed 8k-ft of conduit, 20k-ft of control cable, and added a second DC system (battery bank, battery charger and DC load center).


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