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Mike Young, author of Progress Energy's Blue Book Training Module

Mike Young is a name which may be easily recognized in the utilities industry. An expert with more than 40 years of professional experience, Young has made a name for himself and has had an immeasurable impact on the industry.
One of Young’s most notable contributions to the industry transpired at Progress Energy where Young provided 21 years of service to one of the largest investor owned utilities in the country. While at Progress Energy, Young became the acclaimed author of their Blue Book Training Module.
These Blue Books were titled, Protective Relaying for Technicians. Principal Engineer and President of Power Grid Engineering, LLC, Michael Wright, still has copies of these Blue Books in his office today! Wright said, “They were extremely helpful when I was a new engineer, I’ve read these books cover to cover.” Before Progress Energy was what it is today, it was known as Florida Power Corporation. They had no solid training or standards set in place, and Young was assigned the task of developing one. Although the industry has changed, the theory behind the Blue Books has stayed the same, which is largely why they are much-admired.

Young resides in Bonners Ferry, Idaho where he now works as the President of North Idaho Relay Consulting. He has authored and presented countless papers on protective relaying at technical conferences and training seminars across the United States. Interestingly enough, he produces the electricity to power his own home and in his spare time, serves as a volunteer fireman. Young is a member of the IEEE and has been involved in several groups of the IAS. Mike Young is highly respected by the PGE family and we were honored to have him visit us personally at the Winter Springs headquarter office.

Young received his BSET from Purdue University in 1971, and then went on to obtain his MBA from Rollins College in 1982. He served as a Test Engineer for Wisconsin Electric Power Company and served as the Principal Application Engineer for Basler Electric. Young held a number of titles for Progress Energy as a Test Supervisor, a Field Relay Supervisor and as the Technical Support Supervisor.

PGE is proud to formally recognize Young for his innovation and contribution to the power industry.