Relay Protection & Control


230 kV Bus Protection Master Template

Designed a customer standard TEMPLATE for applying protection to a 230 kV bus connected to a 500/230 kV transformer. Design included panels and a standard drawing package to apply protection schemes to both new and existing facilities.

Substation Upgrade

The addition of a new control house with new protection and controls for a 138 kV, four-position ring-bus. The new control house required a RTU, three-line protection panels, telecom panel, a new DFR, four breaker panels, and one 230/138 kV autotransformer protection panel. The design package included the functional single-line diagram, bills of materials, schematics, and wiring and connection diagrams.

Relay High Speed Communicaitons

Eliminated legacy RTUs and upgraded protection and control at four Distribution substations. Designs included new SEL-351 relays and an SEL-3530 RTAC. PGE also performed multiple substations print designs, relay settings and communications configuration and commissioning.

Substation Design

New control house, two 230 kV lines, 230/115 kV autotransformer, upgraded 115 kV protection and controls for four lines, and upgraded protection for two 115/13 kV Distribution transformers and 10 Feeders.

Transformer Paralleling

Added transformer paralleling scheme for two 230/69 kV autotransformers using Beckwith transformer paralleling controls.

Protection Schemes Upgrade

Upgraded protection and controls for 138/69 kV substation including two 138 kV lines, one 138/69 kV autotransformer and two 69 kV lines.

Line Relay Upgrades

Upgraded 230 kV protective primary and secondary line relays for a Central Florida Transmission Line and upgraded control relays for two 230 kV breakers.

Substation Modifications

Designed a modification to split the bus differential into two zones – with a requirement that a single transformer or bus fault did not trip the entire substation. The design package added a new panel with differential relays, modified trip and lockout circuits.

APSTF Step 2 Analysis

Performed Step 2 Analysis for 230 kV switchyard based on FRCC’s Step 2 analysis, protection and stability task force procedure.


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