Protective Relay Settings

230/115 kV Transmission Substation Rebuild

Developed relay settings for a three terminal 230 kV Ring Bus, 10 terminal 115 kV Double Bus, 22.5 MVAR Capacitor Bank and 230/115 kV

Autotransformer. Relay Settings Cross-Checking Review

Protective relay setting cross-checking review process including Relay coordination, I/O programming and logic settings. Ensure NERC PRC-023 Loading Criteria is met. Multiple transmission substation projects.

230/115/46 kV Substation QA Review

QA Review of proposed Relay Settings, logic diagrams and coordination studies for the addition of 230/115 kV Autotransformer, and complete rebuild and relocation of existing 115/46 kV transmission substation. This included replacement of all protective relay and controls and coordination of the surrounding transmission system.Distribution

Protection Coordination Design Study

Developed Relay Settings philosophy to protect feeders at 15, 25 and 35 kV voltage levels including minimizing I2t values. Coordinated feeder breakers with main breakers and power transformer backup overcurrent relays and protected gateway underground cables and overhead main feeder conductors.

Distribution Substation Relay Coordination Review

Reviewed the Distribution Protection and Control philosophy and Relay Settings.

Fault-Breaker-Protection Logic Study

Short circuit logic model fault study, breaker duty logic study and protection logic recommendations for interconnection of generation.

Origin Wind Farm

150MW 138/34 KV Wind Collector Substation. 

Protection Application logic, Short circuit model, Overcurrent Coordination Study, Relay Setting Files, SCADA Setting Files and PRC-023-2 report.

Solar Collector Protection & Control Settings
Ontario, Canada

30MW 115/27.6 kV Solar Collector Substation.

Protection Application logic, Short Circuit model, Overcurrent Coordination Study and Relay Setting Files.


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