Power Grid Engineering, LLC (PGE)

Power Grid Engineering, LLC (PGE) specializes in engineering design and consultation for the power systems industry. Our offices are equipped with the most current industry resources available to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality services. PGE’s in-house project team is comprised of technical engineers and operational professionals who work to guarantee that our product designs are consistent with client expectations. We are honored to work with various utility companies across the country and are confident that our honest and fair business practices will pave the way for continuous growth.

 2015 Seminars

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PGE org squaresRelay Protection & Control Engineering
  • Relay Design
  • Relay/RTU Meter Programming
  • Equipment Specification
  • Technology Evaluation & System Analysis
  • Relay Settings
PGE org squaresTransmission Systems Planning + Power System  Studies
  • Short & Long Term Transmission Planning Studies
  • Generation Interconnection Evaluation
  • Interface Evaluation
  • Technology Evaluation & System Analysis
PGE org squaresSubstation Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
PGE org squaresPower Systems Training
  • Rigorous and Comprehensive Training Program

PGE org squaresDistribution Systems Engineering

  • Comprehensive Engineering Solutions for Projects of All Sizes and Levels of Complexity
  PGE homedivider    PGE org squaresField Services
  • Relay Testing and Commissioning
  • Substation Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Relay and Meter Calibrations, and AC/ DC Hi-Potential Testing
  • Power Circuit Breaker and Disconnect Switches Testing
  • Transformer and Ground Testing
  • Control System Acceptance Testing
  • Instrument Transformers and Medium Voltage Switchgear Testing
  • Satellite Testing of Line End-to-End Line Relay Schemes
  • Primary and Secondary Current Injections Verifying Current and Potential

PGE org squaresCommunication Systems

  • Outside Plant Fiber (overhead and underground) design
  • Inside Plant Fiber design
  • Multiplexed network design
  • Ethernet network design
  • Communications Facilities
  • AC/DC Plant design
  • Standby generation and alternate power source design
  • Telecommunications class Grounding and Bonding design
  • Developing specifications for telecommunications class structures
  • Fire suppression systems
  • HVAC design
  • Fall-of-Potential studies
  • NERC-CIP Regulatory Compliance assistance (Program Management level consulting)
  • Power Line Carrier studies